lemme explain what happened

So I had graduated esthetics school (yay me) and I’m waiting now for my board exams in august. While I was in school, my boyfriend spoiled the shit out of me, because I was depressed. He got me Bravely Default, then A Link Between Worlds, then Kid Icarus (finally). He also bought me a copy of touch my katamari. I finished them all, and I’m by no means a speedy type of gamer. Then tomodachi came out and then after like 6 long years, I got sims 3 with some expansions. 

While all of this was going on, I was still checking in on Amoria, still taking care of my neighbors, but no screenshots. In times like these, Animal Crossing becomes more intimate for me, so I hope thats understandable. 

I neglected both my blogs, my main lost 300 followers. I want to thank you guys for not leaving. 

That being said, in Aug I have 2 very scary, expensive and important tests to take to earn my esthetic license, then I’m moving states, so I can be with my boyfriend again. There isn’t any promise that I’ll be on very frequently but I will continue to check in, and as my stress dies down, I plan on making a full comeback. 

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sorry ive been gone

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~Please dont change the source~

even the damn monkey

flurry and me getting high.
I’ll update my dream town soon! Amoria is starting to look like an ending to Inuyasha (●♡∀♡)
its good to be back

henry ur cute

sorry guys, this game drains my energy so i dont have any energy to post to here. the hiatus is TEMPORARY

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Anonymous: You are so pretty!!!

thank you very much! youre so kind! (╯°Д°)╯︵ ǝʌol

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Anonymous: First, You Are So Pretty! Give Us Another Selfie! Next, Why Have You Not Posted ACNL In A While?

First, thanks! i’ll post another in a few mins, next I’m on sort of an acnl hiatus because Bravely Default 

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happy feb 24!